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The Resurgence of Murshidabad – A THOUGHT…
Murshidabad… the seat of power from which all of Bengal was once ruled. Famed for its silk, muslin, and ivory…Murshidabad has historically played a pivotal role contributing culturally, artistically and economically when India was heralded as an immense creator of wealth and power.

Murshidabad is an integral part of our nation's history and it is critical to preserve its legacy for future generations. The Murshidabad Heritage Development Society was envisaged with the aim of preserving the past, building on the present and looking into the future where Murshidabad's past glory is restored in its entire splendor.

A British historian once reported that the combined wealth of the billionaire families residing within a single square kilometer covering the twin towns of Azimganj & Jiaganj was more than the entire wealth of the British Aristocracy at one point in time. The strong banking communities were led by Jagat Seth and other Oswal Jain families who made their homes in this region. Their wealth and prosperity were legendary. The Murshidabad Heritage Development Society will aim to help restore the numerous large havelis, mansions, palaces and gardens designed by world renowned European Architects that today lie neglected. There are many unexplored treasures in and around Murshidabad and the circuit of Azimganj and Jiaganj such as --- the Hazaar Duari Palace, which has an extensive and comprehensive museum as well, the Katgola Palace, the House of Jagat Seth, Katra Mosque and the Jahan Kosha Canon among others. All these places are being developed with Light and Sound shows by the Central Government to promote tourism in the region.

The Government of West Bengal and the Central Government are working with the Murshidabad Heritage Development Society towards the Resurgence of Murshidabad through a number of subsidies and development & restoration projects.

  • Organize Pilgrimage tours covering some of the oldest Jain temples in the country with educative and entertaining Sound and Light shows
  • Development of the local infrastructure to be able to absorb the demand for tourist accommodation, and hi-end luxury resorts and heritage hotels
  • Development of the waterfront and promotion of River Tourism
  • Heritage Tours which focus on the splendors and legacy behind prominent heritage sites
  • Arts and Crafts tours that focus on the region's traditional arts, textile and artisan communities. The region has always been famous for its silk industries, ivory carving, textile industries, metal industries, wood and bamboo works and clay models. The legendary Murshidabad Silk, much in demand for making saris and scarves, is produced here. The Ivory and Wood craft industry dates back to the time when the Nawabs of Bengal had their court at Murshidabad.

The Murshidabad Heritage Development Society truly believes that success will not be ours unless we have the participation and support of all individuals of our society, as it is with community bonds that our vision of the Revival of Murshidabad will come to fruition.

Most people today are not too aware about Murshidabad's past glory or the impact that the region has had on the history of our great nation. We need to bind as a strong community, and be catalysts to the restoration, growth and development of the region. Tourism must flourish once again, infrastructure must be developed, heritage sites and buildings must be restored…we must encourage young craftsmen and artisans to create masterpieces in silk, mulmul and other textiles so that many ancient arts and crafts do not die out with neglect.

It is time to revive the royal and regal past of Murshidabad.. THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW and it is our responsibility as a community to do this. After all, we must have this legacy to pass on to the next generation so they are aware of their roots and history.

Murshidabad is a unique destination offering not only important part of our Nation's history but creators of exquisite art and craft, Jain pilgrimage sites, enchanting natural beauty and is also very well connected from Calcutta through both rail and road. The Murshidabad Heritage Development Society is an endeavor that hopes to bring resurgence of Murshidabad through your active participation and support.